MARY ALICE SCOTT Anthropology Breland 312 646-5935 mscott2 medical practice, culture, doctor-patient relationship Mixed-methods (qualitative/quantitative) studies  examining how family practice residents learn about “culture” and how that learning influences interactions with patients  


ELBA SERRANO Biology Foster 459 646-5217 serrano neuroengineering, mechanotransduction, neuroinformatics implementing integrative systems and informatics approaches to identify molecular targets for neurotoxic/neuroprotective drugs; development of neural and mechanosensory organ systems (CNS/hearing/balance)  

GIANCARLO LOPEZ-MARTINEZ Biology Foster Hall 365 646-3091 gclopez oxidative stress, antioxidants, stress physiology effects of environmental stress can have on animals, specifically how free radicals and oxidative damage affect behavior, performance, lifespan, and healthspan. we use insects because of their importance as pests and disease vectors, and they make great models for aging research. 

GRACIELA A. UNGUEZ Biology Foster Hall 461 646-7963 gunguez muscle; neurobiology; evo-devo mechanisms responsible for the formation and plasticity of electromotor circuits. we use electric fish to figure out how the skeletal muscle program is modified to become the electric organ, that is, a non-contractile tissue specialized to generate electricity. 

TIMOTHY F WRIGHT Biology FH 375 646-1136 wright neural plasticity, vocal learning, gene expression Vocal communication and the neurobiology of vocal learning in budgerigars 

BARBARA LYONS Chemistry Biochemistry CB W372 646-6702 blyons biomolecular structure function The Grb7 protein plays a role in neurite extension and cell migration processes. we  seek to identify and characterize the active functional form of Grb7, and define the mechanistic details of Grb7 function in cell motility. 

BILL MAIO Chemistry Biochemistry Chem 287 646-4017 wmaio natural products, total synthesis, new synthetic methods total synthesis of natural products with biological activity. Using modern techniques, we manufacture these compounds, and related derivatives, in the quantities needed for testing. We are also engaged in the preparation of semisynthetic small molecules of interest. 

ERIK YUKL Chemistry Biochemistry 646-4017 etyukl Protein chemistry mechanisms by which bacteria acquire these metals from the environment, and how certain metalloproteins are used as sensors of environmental conditions 

FEIFEI Li Chemistry Biochemistry fli Inorganic bioactive compounds, heavy metals synthetic transition metal chemistry: design of metal-ion-based therapy:development of novel imaging technologies. 

JESSICA P. HOUSTON Chemical Engineering Jett Hall Room 255 656-5563 jph flow cytometry, instrumentation development, fluorescence lifetime Biomedical engineering research projects in our laboratory involve the development of new flow cytometry parameters for the measurement of the fluorescence lifetime of mammalian cells 

REZA FOUDAZI Chemical Engineering Jett Hall 258 646-3691 rfoudazi rheology, porous polymers, colloid and interface science

Physicochemical properties of soft matter
JOE SONG Computer Science joemsong bioinformatics computational and statistical methods to model mechanisms of complex biological systems 

HEEJUNG CHUN Counseling Educational Psychology 201E OH 646 7676 chun adolescents problem behaviors, acculturation, cultural discontinuity projects addresses cultural discontinuities experienced among minorities students. Cultural factors affecting students’ academic performance are investigated. 

JENNIFER M FABRE Human Performance, Dance and Recreation AC Delamater Room 212 646-5873 jmfabre falls, geriatrics, gait development of best-practices for falls prevention with respect to delivery of community-based exercise programs (namely, Tai chi);  understanding characteristics that can identify those within underrepresented groups of older adults who are at risk for falling. 

ALLA KAMMERDINNER Industrial Engineering alla data mining Combinatorial optimization and application of data mining to health care, bio-medicine and human factors 

IGOR SEVOSTIANOV Mechanical and aerospace engineering Jett Hall, 112 646-3322 igor hard tissue, microstructure, physical properties mechanical, conductive, piezoelectric etc. properties of hard-tissue (trabecular and cortical bone, tendon) to  their microstructure. The work includes microscopy, mechanical and electrical testing of the specimens. 

OU MA Mechanical and aerospace engineering

oma robotics and controls Gravitational sciences;  aerospace and healthcare engineering applications
BORIS KIEFER Physics Gardiner Hall 354 496-6414 bkiefer computational drug delivery computational design of drug therapy delivery vehicles, advanced car exhaust catalyst and fuel cell applications. 

MICHAEL HOUT Psychology mhout memory and attention visual processing: role of long-term memory and mental representations in visual working memory 

JIM KROGER Psychology jkroger cognitive psychology Cognitive Psychology. brain responding to decision based tasks, EEG, polygraph software. 

BOB WOOD Kinesiology bobwood aging, physical function aging, physical function, disability, and aging of the autonomic nervous system and its relationship to functional decline in late life.